Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rhubarb Rhubarb by simpleposie

Image Source: By Neddie Jingo

simpleposie is a forum for thinking and writing about contemporary, visual art. simpleposie asks a daily question or more about art. simpleposie has one foot in the arena of classical aesthetics and the other in cyberspace.

simpleposie question for the day #1437
simpleposie wants to know: Have we lost the art of the feud?

simpleposie question for the day #2143
simpleposie wants to know: Has photographing the toilet ever
put you in mind of the Victory of Samothrace?

simpleposie question for the day #2006
simpleposie wants to know: Does your work have an artworld doppelganger?


simpleposie invites you to submit a ten question questionnaire on the subject of things art related. Do you have questions about WORK? Have you been thinking about the work of RauschenbergJohnsWarhol andRosenquist in terms of TV's Sex and the City or Golden Girl archetypes? Wondering about artworld etiquette and behaviour? The importance of description or the role of violence in art criticism? Have you ever pondered giving a demonstration of mark making or considered the difference between taste and bias when it comes toLeroy Neiman and didgereedoos?

No question is too silly or too smart. It is not for money - only love... and the possibility of a great conversation. If you would like to see your questionnaire on simpleposie this season the deadline is September 15, 2007.

Send your questionnaire to Jennifer McMackon
*All submissions subject to editorial approval.

simpleposie is functional, sincere and from Toronto

Monday, August 27, 2007

Box Art Quiz #2

Winners of Box Art Quiz #1
The ArtswipeSonic Yootha and Lucia

Last month's Quiz Answers:

  1. The Moon Museum by John Chamberlain, Forrest Myers, David Novros, Claus Oldenberg, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol
  2. Lynda Benglis
  3. To the Dogs
  4. PVI Collective Extra Points: tts:australia
  5. Broadway Boogie Woogie Extra Points: Token Stroll & ref. to Modernism, grids, cities
  6. Alan Kaprow
  7. Body Melt Extra Points: Philip Brophy
  8. Art Povera Extra Points: Germano Celant
  9. Newell Harry
  10. Francis Alys

Box Art Quiz #2

  • 1 point for every correct answer
  • Extra Points: where indicated = 2 extra points

  1. Name the three performance artists who performed together in The Sound of Failure at Petersham Bowls, NSW, on Saturday the 24th August 2007.
  2. Name the artist who created "combines" (images layering painting, drawing, photography and found objects), between 1953 and 1964.
  3. Name the visual artist who wrote and performed the song I Like Things.
  4. Name the artist who exhibited 258 snapshot-sized photographs installed in a frieze-like band encompassing 24 metres of gallery space in the exhibition After Image at the Fruitmarket Gallery inEdinburgh UK in 2003.
  5. I am an art movement that first appeared around 1945. My conception is generally attributed to the painterJean Dubuffet who described practitioners as taking their subjects, materials, style etc. from their own "individuality" rather than from classical art or art trends. Practitioners of me are usually deemed mentally or socially marginal and this has led to these works, today, being grouped together under another classification. Who am I? (name the art movement). Extra Points: What other name is commonly given to work of this type today?
  6. Name the artistic partnership who exhibited Fallujah in 2007 at the Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, Switzerland.
  7. Name the artist who created the The Cremaster Cycle.
  8. Which emerging South Australian artist received a Freedman Award in August 2007?
  9. In what year was the Turner Prize Exhibition first held? Extra Points: Name the artist who won theTurner Prize in that same year.
  10. An artist with the same initials as the artist's name for Question #7 exhibited at both Downtown Art Space's Meet & Greet exhibition (Adelaide S.A.), in April 2007 and Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, (Fitzroy VIC), in June 2007. Name the artist. Extra Points: What was the title of the exhibition at Gertrude?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lovesongs to Bundanon by Leigh Corrigan

Leigh Corrigan [2006]

We watch the river turn pink 
Acetate, polyester, wire
2000mm x 1220mm (W x H)

Exhibited in Shop@rt. Port Adelaide, S.A.

Bundanon Artists Centre

The Bundanon properties and collections are a cultural and environmental asset gifted to Australia by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd. TheBundanon Trust Artist in Residence program is open to professional Australian and international artists and groups from all artistic disciplines. The program supports artists’ new work, research and collaborations. Artists are hosted in purpose-built studios located at the Bundanon properties on the Shoalhaven River in NSW. Bundanon offers free accommodation and studio space for up to 6 weeks.

In 2005 South Australian artist Leigh Corrigan was accepted into the Bundanon Trust Artist in Residence program. At Bundanon Leigh found the inspirational haven that Arthur Boyd had hoped his bequest would provide... (the following text and images are the work of artist Leigh Corrigan)

Leigh Corrigan [2005]

the Island
Pastel on tracing paper
350mm x 2530mm (W x H)
Bundanon Trust, Shoalhaven, NSW

Lovesongs to Bundanon


I came to your river to find myself again;
I know I've been here before.
I've shed tears on your bank.


here I feel safe to love

This place
breaks me,
opens me.
Releases me.

how can I deny your beauty?

I'm seduced by your gentle whispers
and vibrations.
I can only surrender.

here I feel alive again


Your gift to me was to open my heart again.
Through my eyes, ears, skin.
To the strange beauty and mystery
of nature.

here I feel connected


I just didn't know it
until now.

Like the birds outside my window.
Their sweet song carried
on a light breeze.


Leigh Corrigan [2003]
Gathering Dust

Site-gathered dust

Variable dimensions

Exhibited in fat & flat.
Axis Gallery, Adelaide, S.A.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Box News: Tidbit #1

This is not a tidbit.

Skanky Jane's Box News Edition
Tidbit #1: Local Pablum of Mythological Contortion
by Ms Representation

Ms Representation is an academic, freelance journalist, screenplay writer and current Chief Editor of Skanky Jane's Box News Edition. Having used a pseudonym for her entire career (spanning three decades), Ms Representation has "come out" to write for the B.Box under her real name. Ms Representation has been published in leading newspapers, magazines and academic journals all over the world.

Ol' Rupe's subsidiary interest, The Messenger , recently published two especially news-worthy articles. Especially, especially news-worthy when you note that, when pasted together, the titles of these two articles spell out the phrase: Wheelie Baffling Crime On Our Streets. Well, here at Box News, we take a zero tolerance approach to phrases of that sort. Thus, without further tolerance, we marched our civil minded little BBox right down to the local cop shop.

After briefly introducing the Box News Crew (during which Skanky did a little performance number), we outlined our plan for clearing up all of this wheelie baffling crime on our streets. All that was needed, we explained to the wheelie nice police woman, was to create a highly sophisticated, three-pronged, stinging operation combining the resources of:

  1. The entire South Australian Police Force
  2. Every single Watch SA volunteer who could be mustered
  3. One Skanky Jane
Oddly enough, the cops weren't interested in us or our strategy. They did however arrest Skanky Jane on five violations of the hoon legislation (she wandered off!) - before hoofing us out of the building.

Boy were we deflated. Skanky managed to slip this guy's card into the arresting officer's trouser pocket though and she said he said that he would definitely call for advice. So it wasn't a total loss - besides SJ hooked up with a really nice guy who paid our bus fare home. The wheelie bad news came with the following Watch SAnewsletter and the realisation that Box News didn't even get a mention in this month's list of Police Clearups.

Box News Public Service Announcement

WATCH SA (...for safer neighbourhoods)

Watch SA, South Plympton (2) Area 339, would like some feedback on whether you would like the Police Clearups included in future newsletters. Please contact them with your views.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Intentions

Intent [2007] promotional material

An exciting exhibition extravaganza.
Tents and interior spaces creating hybrid works and new collaborations with light, projections, photography, painting, sculpture, writing and sound installations.

The Queen's TheatrePlayhouse Lane, Adelaide

March 16 - 31 2007

Just like "Honest John" (especially this weekSkanky Jane knows that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Yet here it finally is, the link to Skanky Jane's Picasa Web Album where you can view images from the exhibition Intent as it was at the Queen's Theatre in Adelaide on the 16th to the 31st of March 2007.

A current Masters candidate at the South Australian School of Art, painter and curatorial director for Intent,Brigid Noone, spoke with Skanky Jane about the exhibition, her emerging thesis on vulnerability within contemporary art and the foreseeable challenges of being vulnerable, or "coming from the heart", when facing "The Institute".

If it is the road to hell we're traveling then it must be said that curatorial director for IntentBrigid Noone, summons images of heaven rather than hades. "Fevvers" from Angela Carter's A Night at the Circus came to my mind as we talked. Ambrosial visions indeed! Intent's ambience of magic realism together with Brigid's striking au naturel countenance and crowning glory most likely prompted the association. Unlike Fevvers, Brigid is very real and I am sure is neither nearly so crude, in spite of her penchant for vodka.

Brigid frequently referred to the University of South Australia, at which she studied for her Honours degree in Visual Art and at which she is a current Master of Visual Art candidate, as "The Institute". Intent artists Leigh CorriganAnnika EvansMary-Jean Richardson and Tomasz Talaj once shared a like-named studio space at Port Adelaide with Brigid and exhibited together in Pucker during Adelaide's 2004 Fringe Festival. One artist I missed from this group during Intent was Jennifer Newton. In 2005 Leigh Corrigan curated Be, twixt at The Project Space and included Jennifer Newton with Hans Kreiner and Greg Ansell. Personal and professional relationships forged on the perimeters of Adelaide's high art square have been fortified through persistent, or consistent, exhibition. Intent artist, Mary-Jean Richardson, exhibited with Brigid at Adelaide Central School of Art in 2005 when they presented Crush Me, an exhibition of paintings and photography.

Brigid Noone
Tree spirit is dying
from Crush Me


Artifice aside, like Fevvers , Brigid has a big heart to lay bare and, (also like Fevvers) possesses an apparently inexhaustible amount of energy with which to bear it.

Daniel Noone's Carousel was a highlight.

I'll write more of this - I just want to publish it because it's been here a while!