Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Intentions

Intent [2007] promotional material

An exciting exhibition extravaganza.
Tents and interior spaces creating hybrid works and new collaborations with light, projections, photography, painting, sculpture, writing and sound installations.

The Queen's TheatrePlayhouse Lane, Adelaide

March 16 - 31 2007

Just like "Honest John" (especially this weekSkanky Jane knows that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Yet here it finally is, the link to Skanky Jane's Picasa Web Album where you can view images from the exhibition Intent as it was at the Queen's Theatre in Adelaide on the 16th to the 31st of March 2007.

A current Masters candidate at the South Australian School of Art, painter and curatorial director for Intent,Brigid Noone, spoke with Skanky Jane about the exhibition, her emerging thesis on vulnerability within contemporary art and the foreseeable challenges of being vulnerable, or "coming from the heart", when facing "The Institute".

If it is the road to hell we're traveling then it must be said that curatorial director for IntentBrigid Noone, summons images of heaven rather than hades. "Fevvers" from Angela Carter's A Night at the Circus came to my mind as we talked. Ambrosial visions indeed! Intent's ambience of magic realism together with Brigid's striking au naturel countenance and crowning glory most likely prompted the association. Unlike Fevvers, Brigid is very real and I am sure is neither nearly so crude, in spite of her penchant for vodka.

Brigid frequently referred to the University of South Australia, at which she studied for her Honours degree in Visual Art and at which she is a current Master of Visual Art candidate, as "The Institute". Intent artists Leigh CorriganAnnika EvansMary-Jean Richardson and Tomasz Talaj once shared a like-named studio space at Port Adelaide with Brigid and exhibited together in Pucker during Adelaide's 2004 Fringe Festival. One artist I missed from this group during Intent was Jennifer Newton. In 2005 Leigh Corrigan curated Be, twixt at The Project Space and included Jennifer Newton with Hans Kreiner and Greg Ansell. Personal and professional relationships forged on the perimeters of Adelaide's high art square have been fortified through persistent, or consistent, exhibition. Intent artist, Mary-Jean Richardson, exhibited with Brigid at Adelaide Central School of Art in 2005 when they presented Crush Me, an exhibition of paintings and photography.

Brigid Noone
Tree spirit is dying
from Crush Me


Artifice aside, like Fevvers , Brigid has a big heart to lay bare and, (also like Fevvers) possesses an apparently inexhaustible amount of energy with which to bear it.

Daniel Noone's Carousel was a highlight.

I'll write more of this - I just want to publish it because it's been here a while!

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