Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lovesongs to Bundanon by Leigh Corrigan

Leigh Corrigan [2006]

We watch the river turn pink 
Acetate, polyester, wire
2000mm x 1220mm (W x H)

Exhibited in Shop@rt. Port Adelaide, S.A.

Bundanon Artists Centre

The Bundanon properties and collections are a cultural and environmental asset gifted to Australia by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd. TheBundanon Trust Artist in Residence program is open to professional Australian and international artists and groups from all artistic disciplines. The program supports artists’ new work, research and collaborations. Artists are hosted in purpose-built studios located at the Bundanon properties on the Shoalhaven River in NSW. Bundanon offers free accommodation and studio space for up to 6 weeks.

In 2005 South Australian artist Leigh Corrigan was accepted into the Bundanon Trust Artist in Residence program. At Bundanon Leigh found the inspirational haven that Arthur Boyd had hoped his bequest would provide... (the following text and images are the work of artist Leigh Corrigan)

Leigh Corrigan [2005]

the Island
Pastel on tracing paper
350mm x 2530mm (W x H)
Bundanon Trust, Shoalhaven, NSW

Lovesongs to Bundanon


I came to your river to find myself again;
I know I've been here before.
I've shed tears on your bank.


here I feel safe to love

This place
breaks me,
opens me.
Releases me.

how can I deny your beauty?

I'm seduced by your gentle whispers
and vibrations.
I can only surrender.

here I feel alive again


Your gift to me was to open my heart again.
Through my eyes, ears, skin.
To the strange beauty and mystery
of nature.

here I feel connected


I just didn't know it
until now.

Like the birds outside my window.
Their sweet song carried
on a light breeze.


Leigh Corrigan [2003]
Gathering Dust

Site-gathered dust

Variable dimensions

Exhibited in fat & flat.
Axis Gallery, Adelaide, S.A.

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