Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rhubarb Rhubarb by simpleposie

Image Source: By Neddie Jingo

simpleposie is a forum for thinking and writing about contemporary, visual art. simpleposie asks a daily question or more about art. simpleposie has one foot in the arena of classical aesthetics and the other in cyberspace.

simpleposie question for the day #1437
simpleposie wants to know: Have we lost the art of the feud?

simpleposie question for the day #2143
simpleposie wants to know: Has photographing the toilet ever
put you in mind of the Victory of Samothrace?

simpleposie question for the day #2006
simpleposie wants to know: Does your work have an artworld doppelganger?


simpleposie invites you to submit a ten question questionnaire on the subject of things art related. Do you have questions about WORK? Have you been thinking about the work of RauschenbergJohnsWarhol andRosenquist in terms of TV's Sex and the City or Golden Girl archetypes? Wondering about artworld etiquette and behaviour? The importance of description or the role of violence in art criticism? Have you ever pondered giving a demonstration of mark making or considered the difference between taste and bias when it comes toLeroy Neiman and didgereedoos?

No question is too silly or too smart. It is not for money - only love... and the possibility of a great conversation. If you would like to see your questionnaire on simpleposie this season the deadline is September 15, 2007.

Send your questionnaire to Jennifer McMackon
*All submissions subject to editorial approval.

simpleposie is functional, sincere and from Toronto

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