Sunday, July 1, 2007

How Good Are You? The B.Box Monthly Art Quiz

Would you really like to have a bigger penis (or a smaller vagina) ? Tired of studying long hours to up your IQ? Want a better job? Secretly wish your partner would lose weight and impress all your friends with his/her charm and wit? Then Skanky Jane's ART QUIZ is the quiz you've been waiting for!! Scientifically formulated, and available without a prescription, Skanky Jane's new monthly ART QUIZ will make all of your dreams come true...and more!*

Why not give it a shot?

1. In 1969 six artists put their work into orbit. Provide the title of the work and the names of the artists who created it.

2. Born in Louisiana, USA, in 1941, I am popularly known as one of the grande dames of American sculptureand was once deemed the enfant terrible of the New York School. I belonged to a generation of artists that priveleged process over object and yet I revel in the tangible and the tactile, using a variety of materials such as copper, sterling silver and aluminium (to name but a few) to render iconograhic impressions of mass and surface. My often controversial work has been categorised as everything from expressionist, feminist and exhibitionist to Pop, funk, minimalist, and post-minimalist. As a result of one of my stunts, posing naked in a well known art magazine, the phallus as a political gesture is now often conflated with my name. Although I am best known for sculpture, in the mid 1970's I also executed a number of video works. Who am I?

3. What is the title of the work by Lone Twin, originally commissioned by KunstenFESTIVALdesArts, that interacts with a given city through a daily cycle ride and is then reported on in a nightly performance-dispatch in order to tell stories of a city at work, rest and play? Hint: This work will be presented by the Melbourne International Arts Festival from the 12th to the 18th of October 2007 as part of a Lone Twin mid-career survey and festival residency.

4. From the 12th to the 22nd of May 2005 a new media artists group ran an alternative sight-seeing tour ofAdelaide. This group performed a series of three city-specific, touring, live art events that took place on a bus and the streets of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. What is the name of this new media artists group? Extra Points: What title was given to this new media artists group's 2005 performance works?

5. As part of her 2006 residency at the Parks Community Centre's Arts and Functions complexSkanky Janeexhibited a work at Axis Gallery that referenced one of Piet Mondrian's best known oil on canvas paintings. What is the name of this painting by Piet Mondrian? Bonus Question: What is the title of the work in whichSkanky Jane referenced this painting and why do you think she did so?

6. Who is credited with designating "happenings" as a name for public art events?

7. What 93 minute, 35mm Dolby stereo feature, funded by the Australian Film Commission Film Victoria in 1993 was nominated for Best Sound, Best Art Direction and Best Editing at the 1993 AFI AwardsHint: This film is the debut directorial feature of an artist who designed the sound for a feature directed by Vince Giarussoand who is also widely published in the genres of horror, sex & exploitation, film sound & music and Japanese animation. Extra Points: What is the name of this artist?

8. Which post-war art movement could be described as: not endorsing any particular style; involving a process of open-ended experimentation that rejected theory, the history of fine art and its inherent elitism in favour of utter openness towards materials and processes; being predominantly interested in folk art, science and the forces of nature and which produced giant igloos, sculptures made of lettuce and mirrors that refused to reflect an image?Extra Points: Who is commonly credited with having defined this movement?

9. Which artist did The Artswipe recently call "the future" and bypass a "dull hodge-podge of abstraction" in order to see thier work at the Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery?

10. According to the Urban Dictionary online "narcotourism" is the practice of travelling abroad from one's home or resident country with the express intention of procuring and using substances perhaps banned or prohibitively expense where one lives. What is the name of the artist who in 1996 traversed Copenhagen over the course of seven days under the influence of seven different drugs? Hint: This is one of Skanky Jane's favourite artists.

  • 1 point for every correct answer
  • Extra Points: where indicated = 2 extra points
  • Bonus Question: At #5 = 3 Extra points
This winner of this month's Art Quiz will be announced (when there is one).

*The benefits of Skanky Jane's monthly ART QUIZ are promised in good faith and believed to be true at the exact time and date as they were transcribed via telepathic correspondence with a visiting alien but nevertheless are provided by way of general comment only and should not be substituted for specific professional advice. Furthermore, none of the entities within or without Skanky Jane's Bargain Box, nor their feeders, followers or subservient realms, can or will offer any guarantee as to the accuracy and validity of anything Skanky Jane writes, says, does and/or hears from aliens or anyone else for that matter. Please also note that past performance may not be indicative of future performance.

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