Sunday, October 7, 2007

Box Art Quiz #3

Winners of Box Art Quiz #2
1st Art & Mayhem2nd Sonic Yootha3rd (a tie) Lucia & The Artswipe

Last Month's Box Art Quiz Answers:
  1. Starella, Sonic Yootha and La Donna Rama
  2. Robert Rauschenberg
  3. Martin Creed
  4. Simryn Gill
  5. Art Brut Extra Points: Outsider Art
  6. Lucy and Jorge Orta
  7. Matthew Barney
  8. Bridget Currie
  9. 1984 Extra Points: Malcolm Morley
  10. Mathew Bradley Extra Points: Storm Machine
Mary McDermott of Dainty Pretty Things Online is putting up one of her sweet, hand-crafted charm-bracelets, hung with funky fruit charms and swarivski crystal bicone beads as a prize for the Box Art Quiz! Why not have a go? You may only need one or two right answers to win! (And there's some easy questions in there this time!)

Box Art Quiz #3

* 1 point for every correct answer
* Extra Points: where indicated = 2 extra points

  1. Which artist is credited with saying: "The public is ready-made"? Extra Points: Under what "post" (or "neo") art movement is this artist commonly categorised?
  2. Name the sub-continental artist who is currently [OCT-NOV 2007] facilitating a Master Class for students and recent graduates of Helpmann Academy partner schools at the South Australian School of Art?
  3. Name the artist who painted the Mona LisaExtra Points: By which other title or name is this painting known?
  4. I am a Canadian artist born in 1957 and am best known for my audio and film work which is often made in collaboration with my partner. I frequently create site specific 'walks' that depend upon the active participation of the viewer (or listener) as they are lead into an encounter with their physical environment involving their individual senses. My work often explores the relationship between reality and fiction. Solo exhibitions of my work have been presented since 1987 and my audio-based installations have been presented in major international exhibitions and biennials. My work The Paradise Institute [2001], created in collaboration with my partner, was Canada's national contribution to the 2001 Venice Biennale and won both the Venice Biennale Award and the 4th Benesse Prize. Who am I? Extra Points: What is my partner's name?
  5. Skanky Jane, together with The ArtswipeArt & Mayhem and The Artlife, recently got a mention in which art exhibition catalogue? Provide the exhibition title. Hint: The exhibition is currently [20 SEPT - 7 OCT] on show at Mop Gallery, Sydney.
  6. Name the artist who painted Blue Poles: Number 11Extra Points: Name the art gallery that, in 1973, made a contoversial purchase of this painting.
  7. Name the art persona who curated an art exhibition/auction titled Looking for Democracy? at Mori Gallery this month [OCT 2007].
  8. Provide the title of the Australian short film which, in 1999, won four separate awards for Best Experimental Film at the Madrid Film Week, the Microcinefest – Underground Film Festival in Baltimore, the Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival and Tranz-fix.
  9. Name the art gallery that is credited with being the first ever artist-run space to come to public notice.
  10. Name the writer/philosopher who said: "A schizophrenic out for a walk is a better model than a neurotic lying on the analyst's couch. A breath of fresh air, a relationship with the outside world."

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