Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Box Art Quiz #4


Winner of 
Box Art Quiz #3 - 1st Sonic Yootha

The Bargain Box crew loved Sonic Yootha's comment for last month's Quiz so much:
honoured! so challenging! I know I can get to the top box! or if im fourth, tracey moffatt can make an artwork example out of me. xx
love Yootha
...that we just had to reward such witty relevance with a "1st". As the winner of the Box Art Quiz #3 Sonic Yootha gets first dibs on a gold-plated, fruit charm and swarivski-crystal charm-bracelet made by Mary Mcdermott of Dainty Pretty Things.

Congratulations Sonic! And thanks Mary!

Last Month's Box Art Quiz Answers:

  1. Jeff Koons Extra Points: Neo-Pop or Post-Pop
  2. Arunkumar HG
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci Extra Points: La Gioconda
  4. Janet Cardiff Extra Points: George Bures Miller
  5. Multiple Personality
  6. Jackson Pollock Extra Points: Australian National Gallery or, as it is now known, National Gallery of Australia
  7. Schappylle Scragg
  8. Mind's Eye - Gregory Godhard
  9. The Vienna Secession
  10. Gilles Deleuze

Box Art Quiz #4

...answer one or answer 'em all - in the comments box or by email...

* 1 point for every answer
* Extra Points: where indicated = 2 extra points

  1. It is often said that art, celebrity and entertainment are becoming ever more closely entwined. Name one artist (at least) of whom you are their "greatest fan".
  2. What art would you like to see more of in major galleries and exhibitions?
  3. Who is your favourite arts blogger or which arts blog do you read most often?
  4. What does being an artist mean to you - how would you define "artist"?
  5. What is it about art or the art market that really bites you?
  6. Name one artist whose work you think epitomises the art, celebrity & entertainment "blur"? Extra Points:What is it about this work that turns you on (or off)?
  7. What's the most fame (or infamy) that an art work of yours has achieved?
  8. When (or if) climate change (or some other catastrophe) brings about enormous and irrevocable change to the day-to-day life of the world's human population - what do you think art will look like?
  9. How famous an artist do you plan to be? Extra Points: and why?
  10. In ten words or less, describe/explain the art work (by Tracey Moffatt) to which Sonic Yootha's winning comment refers.

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