Monday, December 25, 2006

9/11 Mysteries (Full Length, High Quality)


This is a public domain 9/11 documentary about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center complex. It's excellent. It's also one hour and 31 minutes long.

Aussies might also like to try this blog:

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Halliburton Down Under, Above and Beyond

On September 11 2001 I was campaigning with members of the University of South Australia Student Association for their student elections (the same Association that, like all Student Unions, was forced to downsize due to the Howard Government's quashing of compulsory membership fees). On my backpack I had pasted an anti violence slogan. Speechless with shock and distress it was the best I could offer.

However, and although I love Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee movies, I couldn't watch the spectacle of the planes hitting the Twin Towers on TV. The sight of people hurling themselves to their deaths was just too fucking much. Maybe I'm desensitised now or maybe it's all about context but I have watched the video 9/11 Mysteries posted here at the B.Box on this Merry Christmas day. It seemed fitting to post this video today, especially given recent developments in International relations, in particular the movement of American warships into the Persian Gulf on December 11th (read more about this below).

I know there are a lot of these 9/11 "conspiracy theory" videos available on the Net. I've also watched In Plane Sight produced by Power Hour Productions and hosted by Talk Radio Host, Dave vonKleistIn Plane Sight, like 9/11 Mysteries is a high quality production that provides opportunities for the viewer to verify the claims it makes and the sources it quotes. The 9/11 Mysteries video is rather long (1 hour & 31 mins), I thought I'd save you the trouble of searching for the three separate bits on YouTube by posting it in one. So grab a cuppa and put your feet up for the duration, conspiracy theory or no (for the record, Skanky thinks no), it's interesting.

Will Christmas Bring the Bombing of Iran?

(Posted by, retrieved 25/12/06)

Skanky Jane has long suspected that attacking Iran was in the back of Dubya's mind (that's not very far from the front) when he and his Administration invaded Iraq in 2003. So, deeply aggrieved she was to find this info (below) in her mailbox from on this bright Xmas morn. As an aside, 2008 is the year of the Rat (the sign that begins the Oriental Zodiac) as was 1984 and 1948 (the year George Orwell wrote it). 2008 is alsoDubya's last year in office - will he want to go out with a bang?

The Pentagon has announced plans to move additional warships and strike aircraft into the Persian Gulf region to be within striking range of Iran. The aircraft carrier Eisenhower and its strike group entered the Persian Gulf on Dec. 11. Another aircraft carrier, the Stennis, is expected to depart for the Gulf within the next month.

Scott Ritter sees parallels to the invasion of Iraq: "We have told the Iranians it is their responsibility to prove to the international community beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no nuclear weapons program in Iran. How can you prove a negative?"

Another parallel is the brutal Christmas Bombing of North Vietnam by Richard Nixon in 1972. James Carroll described it as "a final venting of frustration and rage by a superpower faced with ignominious defeat." Will Bush bomb Iran out of frustration with failing to "win" in Iraq?

"New Years Resolutions" 

The info below is from the "One-Pager for Lobbying Congress for Peace and Accountability" compliments of Written for the American voter (all three of them), this is edited for Australian readers:

1. No More Support for America's War in Iraq.

2. No more support for America's "War on Terror".

3. Pass legislation to shift the war spending to spending that will safely bring our troops home, providing health care and education for them when they get here.

4. And do this: bring in a temporary Muslim force; train an Iraqi police force; aid and support the reconstruction of Iraq by Iraqis; remove landmines and depleted uranium; dismantle blast walls and wire barriers; restore archaeological sites; train lawyers, judges, journalists, and social workers in Iraq; bring back professional Iraqis who emigrated; rebuild Iraq's public health system; and compensate the families of civilians killed and tortured.

5. Investigate the Case Made for This War and the Way it Has Been Conducted

A. Misuse of intelligence and fraud by the Government in making the case for this war.

B. Waste, fraud, conspiracy and misuse of funds.

C. War crimes, extraordinary rendition, and torture (or supporting those that have committed these acts).

We urge every member of the House and Senate to pursue these investigations in order to restore the rule of law and a system of checks and balances to our government. We believe we will best be able to move forward and avoid the same mistakes in the future if we complete a thorough public review of the conduct of the Government during the course of this war and the lead-up to it.

6. Support legislation outlawing war profiteering.

7. Support an investigation to Impeach George Bush if it is determined that the President and his administration did in fact conspire to defraud the American People and Congress into supporting his invasion of Iraq.

Now.... back to the bread and circuses!

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